About Dr Rakesh Newaj

Dr. Rakesh Newaj a Registered Specialist Dermatologist with practices in Waterkloof Ridge (Pretoria), Benoni and Kempton Park (Johannesburg) at the Arwyp Hospital. He also has an advanced Dermatology practice in Mauritius.

Dr. Newaj completed his medical degree from the University of Witwatersrand in 2002 and his FC Derm in 2010. He is registered as a Specialist Dermatologist in South-Africa as well as in Mauritius.

He also has experience in internal medicine, gynaecology and urology. Dr. Newaj specialises in the diagnosis and management of skin disorders, these include mole screening, excision of skin cancer by surgical and other methods, treatment of pigmentation; hair diseases & nail disorders, skin diseases of the genital region, varicose vein sclerotherapy as well as women's health. Cosmetic dermatology is also part of his scope of practice.

He is actively involved in various publications of articles for doctors as well as the public. Dr Rakesh has already authored more than 50 medical articles in his brief carrier and has participated in several tv shows and radio shows.