You can keep your skin texture and tone fresh by having a skin peel. Skin peels are ideal treatments for fine lines, acne scarring, active acne, photo ageing, pigmentation problems and lightening. The skin peels make use of a similar principle as skin lasers, however instead of a light source, a chemical is used to cause a superficial burn on the skin. The burn causes the skin to resurface and thus achieve the desired effects. Most peels are rather painless, not requiring any downtime. The person can usually go back to work immediately.

The Doctor or aesthetic nurse will advise you on what is appropriate for your skin and devise a skin rejuvenation peel programme that is specially customised for you. Unlike lasers, most skin peels are safe for all skin types.

Your first appointment

At your initial consultation, impartial advice will be given as to whether this treatment is suited for you. Depending on some cases, combination treatment or therapy will be recommended as part of your rejuvenation treatment plan. The peels may be adapted along the treatment to achieved deeper results, depending on how your skin reacts to it.

Facial Peels

Our practice has a range of more than 20 different facial peels, each for different conditions.

Why would you have a facial peel?

Our facial treatments are used to resurface the facial skin following severe effects such as:

  • Acne

  • Pigmentation variance over face

  • Post inflammatory effects of hyper pigmentation after acne.

  • Aging due to sun damage to reduce deep wrinkles

  • Lentigo solaris

The depth of peel is dependent on the primary skin condition to be treated. There are 2 main layers of the skin. The epidermis which sits on top of the dermis. The skin thickness is classified as thin, thick and normal.

Light exfoliation
This will penetrate the top layer of skin known as the stratum corneum to reduce fine lines, large pores, comedones (resistant black heads) and minor skin pigmentation problems.

Deep exfoliation
This penetrates the epidermis to the basal layer which is the bottom layer of the epidermis, the top layer of skin, so it is moderate in depth. The healing time is 5-7days. This can be applied for deeper lines and acne scarring correction and pigmentation problems the time period for healing differs from person to person though the red effect from the skin peel should be less within 5-7days.

After you prescribed facial peel, the nurse will give you detailed information that is specific to your aftercare and you will be prescribed after care products to protect and moisturise your skin as part of the healing process.
You will be able to contact the nurse with any queries that you may have.

Botox and Fillers.

The practice specialized on botulinum toxin ( Botox or Dysport)treatment as well as the injection of fillers. Fillers are gel substances injected into the skin to rejuvenate and fill up volume loss and correct some wrinkles. Botox is used for the correction of wrinkles and lasts between 3-6 months. Advanced botox treatments for excessive seating, vaginismus, chronic anal tears , migraine are also offered. A full description is in the articles section on Botox.

Keloid scar

Keloid scar is the unsightly abnormal healing of certain wounds. These can cause big lumps and distort the anatomy of the skin. By simply excising them, one runs the risk of 80% recurrence rate and can also grow bigger than the initial lesion.
We offer a comprehensive treatment with various injections as well as excisions- followed by radiotherapy and scar management.

Tattoo removal

The practice offers laser treatment for the removal of various tattoos. Several sessions are required . Smaller tattoo can also be excised.

Phototherapy using narrowband UVB

The use of phototherapy has been around for several years for the treatment of eczema, psoriasis, vitiligo and Mycosis fungoides.
Narrowband UVB is available both in the Johannesburg practice and in Mauritius.
For more information consult the article section.